Boiler Installation, Maintenance & Repair

If your current boiler is old, inefficient or is costing you money, you may need a boiler replacement. We provide fully tailored advice on all leading manufacturers and installation, to find the right boiler for your needs.

Twist Of Silver boiler services

Expert Boiler Installation, Maintenance and Repairs in Brighton & Hove and the surrounding areas

New boiler installations and repairs can be a complex and costly process. Call upon our trusted Gas Safe experts to navigate and assure you get the best, safest option to suit you and your budget. Our team are accredited experts are at your service for all makes and models, installation, and repair of combi and conventional system boilers. 

Common Boiler Breakdowns We Cover

Boiler repairs are specialist tasks, and should not be attempted without comprehensive, accredited training. Twist Of Silver provide only qualified Gas Safe engineers with the right experience for your peace of mind and assurance the job gets done right – especially in an emergency. Typical breakdown emergencies we have attended are;

  • No heating or loss of water
  • Boiler ignition failure
  • Intermittent pilot light failure
  • Programmer and timer issues
  • Boiler lock-outs
  • Pressure loss
  • Worn valves, pumps and burners
  • Unusual noises and rattles
  • Printed circuit board problems
  • Diagnosing and fixing error codes
  • Leaking pipes
  • External thermostat faults
  • Parts, repairs and replacements

Boiler Servicing

It is advised that all boilers should be serviced annually

Maintaining boiler performance and efficiency not only saves money on your heating bills – but it avoids costly breakdowns. Boilers can accumulate dirt and dust which can create further problems with your radiators and heating system pipework.

Failure to properly maintain and service your boiler can cause safety concerns, such as undetected gas leaks and carbon monoxide, which can be extremely dangerous.

Contact us to book your comprehensive boiler service, which includes;

  • Full, visual inspection
  • Boiler casing removal and check
  • Boiler fired-up
  • Flue test
  • Gas pressure check
  • Corrosion and leak Inspection
  • Gas tightness check
  • Boiler parts cleaned
  • Boiler casing replaced

Gas and Combi Boiler Replacement by Experts

Boilers are complex, and require a fully qualified Gas Safe expert to service, repair and replace. We can fix the simplest or most complicated problems safely, quickly and to a high standard. Your safety is always our number one priority.

If you are considering a new boiler system, please contact us NOW for a FREE quote.

Common Boiler Faults

We hope that by highlighting just a few common faults, we can stress the importance of addressing issues quickly and safely, by experienced, qualified experts, and should never be ignored. Contact us NOW for our engineers to help you get your boiler fixed. Here are some of the most common issues


Stops Working

Arguably, one of the most frequent and frustrating boiler problems, when it simply stops working without warning or apparent reason. A faulty boiler could be due to leakages or other issues, preventing you from heating your home or enjoying a hot shower.


Leaking Boiler

Never ignore leaks, no matter how small they appear, and always call a specialist if you notice any leaking.



This is when limescale accumulates in the boiler, possibly causing damage. You may hear noises coming from your boiler, indicating air in the system.


Thermostat / no pilot light

Perhaps your boiler fails to turn on or off properly, or suffers from high or low pressure.

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